Edinburgh Royal Botanic Garden

It is Sunday already and I have just written a post about a cat book. Yesterday, on Saturday, we did something nice as well. One of my colleagues from work - Cedric - from France, had a great idea to enjoy the sudden attack of Summer on Scotland. Since he loves the Sun, he came up with the idea to have a picnic in the Botanic Garden in Edinburgh. Some guys didn't turn up but there were 6 of us anyway. We had beer, wine, bread, cheese - everybody brought something - I only had beer but next time I will surely bring something else as well.
We found ourselves a nice place on the grass, a bit further from other people - and there were quite a few people there. The moment the sun came out on Friday, the dwellers of Edinburgh came out to enjoy the weather, everybody who could, got out of his shirt and wore shorts. I had a nice day too, such a pleasant time. Well done Cedrick.

For something completely different, when I was coming home on the bus, I heard somebody talking behind me. I just could not understand a word, I though, what language could that be ? Well, I was a bit drunk by then, but anyway. When I listened more closely, it turned out that it was scottish English - but I could not understand one single word - even more difficult to understand than Clive's...
A few minutes later, I heard somebody else talking behind me and I could not understand it again, did not know which language it was. It was.... after a minute or two of listening... Polish... just could not understand it. I do hope that in a year or two, I will be able to understand this Scottish without a problem. Like yesterday, a friend of Cedric, a French girl. You would never be able to say she was French - 100 % Scottish. I am thinking that very possibly, in a few years, S will speak with strong Scottish accent, it would be soooooooooo cute!!!!

While I was coming home yesterday and also before I could go to sleep, I was so sorry that S-chan wasn't with me, bu bu bu. I am glad though that in just a few months we will be finally together .
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