Eggnog or Eierlikoer / coffee liquer.

Back to Eggnog again. I used to make this at home some years ago but I forgot everything. I did find a nice recipe though and modified it because I did not like it fully.

I took :

  • 6 egg yolks but more should be added. The good eggs,
  • 300 grams sugar - can be some good brown sugar, caster sugar (the superfine one) or even powdered sugar. 
  • Vanilla sugar - 2 tea spoons.
  • I had some 37 percent vodka - about 250 milliliters and home made whiskey - made from essence of whiskey. Rum or brandy can be used but not too much. Enough to give it additional aroma.  If you have some stronger spirit, it would be nice to use it but take care not to make the drink deadly strong. You need to write down the amounts of alcohol on one side and the rest of the ingredients on the other - in milliliters. Aim at preferred strength - from 15 to 25 percent seems sensible. Ours was 15 percent at most.
  • Some single cream.
  • Make strong coffee - espresso or mokka.  I made two medium sized mokka portions, each with about 16 grams coffee, and reduced it for a while in a pot. The standard recipe uses water but my version with coffee was amazing and definitely should be tried.
  • A pinch of pure sea salt might be a good idea.

The best recipe calls for grinding the yolks and sugar together until no sugar grains can be detected when tasting. You can avoid this time and strength consuming procedure by using a blender. If the mixture is too thick for the blender, add some alcohol already. You can add honey instead of sugar. Actually blend everything together, except the coffee. Make sure the mixture has no unpleasant graininess. Do not add all cream, check if you like it with or without cream. No way you will spoil it but just see what you like. Add coffee instead of water, if you want to. Maybe make two portions, one with coffee and one without - pure eggnog.


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