Anniversary Time!

So we are having our first official anniversary. Actually we have been together for 5 years exactly now (from about 13:30) 5 years ago.

I believe that:

A year of being together counts as a bit of being married, about 3 months. So, after being together for 4 years before getting married, I can now say that we have been unofficially married for 1 official year and 4*3 months = 2 years of being married! LOGICAL, isn't it?

I am really very happy about our marriage, it is exactly how I was imagining it.

We both need to make an effort to keep up the good work and to improve our lives and family.
For this reason S. is going to study and I should start some practical course and change my job. I am currently looking for both and hope I can change my job this year already.

Since I have a day off tomorrow this is going to be a very pleasant and nice weekend from today after 5 o'clock - after I get home.


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