New Beer Equipment.

I got something nice today, very nice even.

A man in our wine club, called David, has a wine and beer brewing shop for people who make their own drink. He is a Scottish person but I do not know if he is a typical Scot, it is not too difficult to understand him most of the time. Anyway, we both - S and I - like him and his wife. I try to visit his shop from time to time, whenever I need some equipment or ingredients. There is a different shop not far from us but we do not like to use it too much since David's shop is much nicer.

He gave me something very useful for beer brewers. It is a new pressure barrel, a good model, bit special. He won two at some beer competition. It really is a nice barrel, with characteristic tap. The only theoretically problematic thing is that it needs to have pressure inside in order to work. However, since beer makes its own gas during the second fermentation (second is when you put beer with a bit of sugar in this barrel,) it should not be a problem. You can always add some gas from a special gas canister.

Today morning I went to David's shop by bus and got this barrel. When I was coming back, a fat bus driver asked me what I have inside. Maybe he thought it would be a bomb or something?

I made some beer too today. This is Australian make, Coopers. I added special dark malt and
additional hops (called Cluster - for own reference.)

If you have seen the photos S posted yesterday, you know that we finished making our special beers for the competition yesterday. There will be 5 different beers, maybe 6 if the new beer is ready by then. I am quite excited at the thought of putting our own products for a serious competition. Need to make sure the bottles will be clean! We are also putting some 3-4 kinds of wine into the competition as well. One is all done - a very strong grapefruit wine and two are in preparation, almost done in fact. I might start one more or two more before going to Poland, maybe wild fruit wine (you can buy the frozen fruit everywhere) or a mead made of Golden Syrup? Don't know if I have enough time.

Yesterday I was a bit tired with all the bottling, see that - so many bottles! I would have been even more tired only I had used big PET bottles - this way we can take more bottles to Poland, not as heavy as glass and very strong anyway. We will take soooo many bottles with us. Hope the people at the airport will let us through (we will of course take the bottles in the checked luggage)

After fighting with the beer, I made something nice to eat. This time it was Gammon cuts - with mustard and plum sauce. I boiled two eggs too and made a sort of stuffee rolade out of it. One problem is that I forgot that Gammon is usually already salted and since I added more salt, it was too salty in the end. Good that there was enough salad with S-chan's fabulous sesame oil / paste dressing. This dressing is really great!

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