Halloo! Winter greetings from Edinburgh.

Welcome again. Have been quite busy recently so sorry for the absence. Actually I have not been so extremely busy and could really have written something but my beer and wine making took the better of me and directed me to write a different blog with wine recipes, http://brewing-journal.blogspot.com.
It is actually not anything very special or advanced but is supposed to serve me as a, well, wine and beer making journal where I can put and access my recipes. Of course I will be changing the posts quite often, as I make the wine and taste it. It has been fun so far but I need to put some photos in, too.

Besides that, not much have changed with me personally. Still the same job, looking for something else too. I am actually going to start some IT course soon. Need to think a bit longer on what course I want and how much money I would like to pay for it (they are really dear.) This week has actually been a mixed one, on the one hand not too bad but on the other I was ill and since I could not go to work on two days, I will probably have to explain this at work. On the positive side we went to a really great wine tasting in a pleasant hotel. We were invited by S-chan's friend who was exhibiting her own wine, a Scottish - French production. It was really great, a dry Merlot, I wish I could tell you something about it but my taste and ability to describe it are not any good at all. They are not expensive at all, about 7 pounds for such nice wine, if I was buying wines at all, I would buy this one. She has a website:
Website of the maker - still in construction.
I have made some new wines recently and currently they are fermenting nicely with good future before them. You can (if your really really want) find out more on the other, specialized site (the http://brewing-journal.blogspot.com.)

Wish you a nice winter. Hope it will not get too hard...

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