Flat search goes on

Good evening.

It is a bit late and we are finishing our day already.
Today was a bit busy, the main target as for the last two weeks is finding a new flat.

We went to one viewing but it was not too nice. On the way there we got a call from a lady who had a flat for rent and put it on Gumtree the day before. We arranged a viewing for 13:30 and went to our viewing.

Bad luck a bit since the first flat was not so nice and we were hoping to see the second flat. When we got there though, the landlady was just saying goodbye to a guy who was taking our flat! Such bad luck, even if we would not have taken it, I had wanted to at least have a look. Half an hour earlier would be just fine, even 20 minutes. Well, not too bad anyway.

There is a different flat we would like to take though, quite nice even. HOWEVER, the landlady is a bit hmmm, strange.
We had a viewing and we told her that we would like to have this flat. She said it was fine and that she would let us know the next day. Of course she did not (that was Friday yesterday) and simply said we would let us know on Sunday. In the meantime we have seen that she is putting the same ad on Gumtree again. Probably she decided we are not posh enough for her. She definitely was posh herself. Or maybe she simply does not like foreigners? We will see tomorrow but probably she will say that she needs to think a few days longer.

Next week we are looking forward to a kind a nice flat a street nearby the other flat, good location but not perfect. We spied on the flat today :D he he he and saw some Chinese people moving out. The street was not too good but very convenient for transport. The landlady seems very efficient too, really precise, judging from her emails only. I would like to see this flat.

It is a tough time, flat searching combined with hard work for S-chan, essays, tasks, assessments. I wish she would be able to relax in our own flat soon.

The flat mate is really annoying and we do not want to see her anymore.

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ellina さんのコメント...

omg... that sounds crazy... i read your wife's entries on this blog, it should be owefull:(

i hope you guys will find a really nice flat:)