Well well well

Good afternoon dears,

Finally, after a long time of searching for a flat, we are moving. Documents signed, money paid, nice landlord / landlady found too.

S is packing all of our stuff, thanks babe! I will help as well, of course.

Recently, we had a lot to do, especially finding the new flat. I really hope that when we have finally moved, we will be happy with the new place.

It is really cosy and not too small, actually. Nice location too, with the exception that it is nearer to the football places so might be a bit full in the weekends. It is not on the main street however so we will be fine, definitely. Actually it is much quieter, with less cars passing by. I like it very much. The landlady even agreed that we can move in earlier than the start of the lease, it is very nice of her, I think. We will get the keys on Sunday, hooray!

Now we are still in the process of throwing away unnecessary stuff and old clothes. S is doing a good job. We have already thrown away lots of old and useless stuff, tomorrow we are going to get rid of an old guitar of mine and some old rags, mine too.

Today though, it is party time! Our wine and beer homebrew club is having a fundraising party. We are going to help, laying the food out, preparing cocktails and cleaning up afterwards so cannot get too drunk.
I had an idea to make Bloody Mary Cocktails. We shall see how it goes:

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