Happy New (Married) Year.

Hi all and also you Darlin-gu.
This was a pleasant year without too many changes. However the next one promises to be an exciting and busy.

We are definitely going to have an own flat, just for ourselves. The current situation is not very normal and does not prevent stress buil-up. It would have been much better if we had a normal flat mate, which is obviously not the case. We might otherwise decide to stay with a flatmate but in this situation, we will move. It must be quite nice though, practical and nice.

What we would absolutely need to have is Gas Heating or very good insulation in a modern house and electric heating. In old houses electic heating is just expensive and does not give off enough heat. On the whole electric heating would be very nice if it was not so expensive.

We would really like to have double glazed windows, too. As to windows, it would be nice if there was at least some sun coming into them, not like now. We seriously do not get any sun at all now.

I do need to find a better job instead of the boring, stupifying and dreary job I have now. I would really want a job that would demand that I do a lot of research, read a lot, prefferably about science and technology.

My S will need to finish her studies.

Good luck to us in the New Year!

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