Correction about today


This is me again, after a long while. I have not have any time to write much in the blog. Sorry.

Today S. asked me to correct something.

We were in the city today, so many people there. My sister really missed the really interesting days.

We saw many pipers in fancy clothing, with scottish bagpipes, drums and accompanying instruments.
We thought it was some preparation for the festival and especially for the "Military Tatoo." However, it said in the paper that it was not official "Military Tatoo" preparation. There was supposed to be a parade down the Royal Mile from the Edinburgh Castle to the Holyrood Palace with many amateur bagpipe bands. Such a pity that we missed it! We had an appointment in the Bank for 13:00 so at this time the parade was actually starting. I wish we had been able to see it since the parades on the Royal Mile are always very impressive.

Well, maybe next time.


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