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hiya people.

Once again I have not written anything new for a long time.

Not much to add to what S has written - she really takes good care of this blog.

What I can write about is things I like doing but then if I write about them I do not have so much time to do them! :D such a problem.

I am currently at work so I thought I might be as well paid to write my blog, he he.

As you know our wine and beer have been mostly a success. We are quite good at making both. Beer is very simple anyway since all you need to do is mix some ingredients. However, recently we started making a few small batches (portions) a few bottles each, for a competition in our wine and beer circle.

Have a look at that : just beautiful


As you can see, it is not so easy after all, look at this foaming beer - a beer monster was created inside the glass and tried to eat us. With difficulty we managed to get it back and now it is behaving itself.
These are going to be interesting beers - very tasty we are sure.

We also made some not too bad wines - one red wine made with grape juice and black berries is especially great, almost like what you can buy in the shop!
The other wine has such a strong ginger taste that we needed to add some apple / grape juice to be able to drink it. But now it is nice :)
Just have a look at all these bottles! Impressive - I had to clean them all carefully, wash and scrub and then fill up. Really a lot of work !!!

23 or 24 bottles is quite a lot. I made actually more but I gave 4 litres to my colleague.

By the way - S baked some WONDERFUL musli bars. Really tasty and filling. I'm sure they are very healthy.
Really great actually, I cannot praise it enough.
It was made from normal Muesli - like you can eat for breakfast (with lots of nuts and fruit), Golden Syrup and Demerara Sugar plus oats.

I could not stop eating this.

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ellina さんのコメント...

müsli riegel!!!!!! i love it!!!! but they are very dangerous^^ self-made sweet are the best... actually i really like to bake a cake or something like this... i'm so impressed by your talent as beermaker! (ok, i dont like beer... but still nice?)

Pa-Panda さんのコメント...

Thanks! It is so much fun making beer. Baking cakes and cooking food is at least as fun as eating I think.

匿名 さんのコメント...

hm, i can try the beer and drink for ellina and since all of you enjoy cooking, you may cook for me :-) i support you in finishing it then :- )

Pa-Panda さんのコメント...

we can drink our own beer :) there are some new brews in preparation Mr Bierbrauer :D