A bit ill today.

I felt very ill today morning, about 6 when I woke up. So I decided to take a sick-day today. I am actually still in bed. I really feel that I caught a cold somehow.

While I was up I decided to do something bad to Kuma-kun, he was not so happy.
Just look here:

He does not look too happy, does he? He looked even more sorry when he left the washing machine - I told him then: a little spin in the washing machine has not killed many bears yet. Hi is almost dry now, poor kuma.

I will have to find a GP (doctor) and register today or tomorrow. I need to arrange the council tax as well.

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kojiczuk (kojisato & Pa-panda)

4 Comment:

kojisato さんのコメント...

Wow Kuma-kun! I think it's a first bathtime for him... But don't be ill, Kuma-kun!

Tamaki さんのコメント...

My hudband does the same to his dear sheep soft toy named Dolcia but hand wash!
I hope you get better soon.It's chilly today ;-(
Oh, bloody NHS bloody Council Tax! Good luck!

poane さんのコメント...

Taking it out on a poor Miś! How cruel! I hope you get better soon Pa-panda san. It's cold in Warsaw too.

Pa-Panda さんのコメント...

@ poane: He is not so innocent, at 600 revolutions per minute I could distinctly hear some swearing coming from the washing machine!!

@ Tamaki!
Really!? Does he have an animal too? This one is actually from Satopi. It was supposed to go to our friend but we stole him :D he hehe