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Hi guys!

I am sorry for not having written in a long time. Actually, as you know it is very difficult for me to start writing anything - never mind what - letters, blogs, MA, BA, all is difficult to write. Maybe because it demands good thought organisation? I must agree that I do not have too much of that. In addition I feel very lazy with writing. I was planning to write some more blog but somehow there were other things to do, rest to be taken.


I am a married guy now. It was such a great time with S-chan and the family - now ours family, not only mine. How cool is that. As you could see from the facebook photos : here they are again.

We were both so very happy. Everything went well, thanks to the parents and good people - in the Polish registrar office, the Japanese Embassy (thank you too) and the hotel too. Later as you already know we went for a honey-weekend... with our German quests - 2 ladies about 55. Not too romantic but we did manage to see a lot of art and culture in Warsaw - intensive sightseeing. Panda was uncertain about the way the whole time... had to buy a small map and was looking for the current position all the time too - I want a GPS!

Unfortunately later I flew back to work. Wellll, I mean fortunately because I have a decent job - not too good but bearable and brings enough Okane, hmmm.

We also have a very nice flat. As you know we are sharing it with my long-time friend, Ms M. - she is a bit bossy so together with S-chan they will have a good time with me, the submissive Panda. The flat is great! It does have a major weak point though... the bathroom is very cramped and tiny. It does have a bath tub though. Even though it is gas-heated, we can have a bath from time to time, the tub is quite big and feels nice too, not slippery even if not the newest one. What I am very happy about is that it is on the second floor - and this means... we will be heated from neighbours from all sides - up, down, left and right! That was the winning point from my perspective at least. Not to forget the nice wooden floors - good feeling in them or the modern Ikea kitchen, or the good freezer, oven... quite a few good things. There are also some things we have to add - for instance 2 or one big bookcase, a decent corner computer/work desk - this is something I have always wanted to have. I can spend a bit more money on this but do not mind decent quality second hand one. If you - to the girls from Edinburgh - know about some inexpensive furniture, give me a tip.

Good news recently was that despite quite a delay, the transport van-man that I managed to find turned out to be a very good and trustworthy guy. Not too expensive either, 1 pound for a kilogram might seem a lot but it is a few kilometers.

By the way, the rings we have are 2-part, with the external ring loose and rotating. While I am writing it is producing a nice sound, like tiny bells :)

The last thing - work... boring and enough said.

As to what I am doing in my spare time - I read a book "Three pillars of Zen" - exactly this edition too. I find it very relaxing and I have actually started to do zazen again, the previous time it did truly help me with my thoughts. If only I kept applying myself to it with more diligence. I do not find the Buddhist religion to be fully trustworthy though, I guess I am simply atheistic in nature. Even so, every time I read that, it makes me feel better.

I have also started watching a series from China! It is about Songoku - Sung Wukong, 西游记 the Monkey King : Journey to the West. There are two other versions following the actual book less accurately. This is quite old, from 1986. The special effects at the beginning are quite old-fashioned and the music gets on your nerves to a great degree - I much prefer when only the clean Chinese music is being used without the annoying electronic special effects. In short though, I really enjoy the actors' art, especially that of the actor playing Sun, incredibly good. I read that he is from a family which is traditionally specialized in the play "Journey to the west"

I have also recently been looking for a English language course for Satopi. I guess it will not be too late to find something once she comes here. I have been in conversation with somebody from the Stevenson college for a week now, to choose some decent language course.

It proved difficult to find a private health insurance for S-chan. Once she comes we will have to register her with a GP (Hause Arzt) in the area - this will give us some more options to choose from.

Somehow, once I start writing something I cannot stop. The same thing happened to me with my BA thesis - I had to delete one full chapter... baka.

Good night then!

Cheers everybody.

Plan for the week - buy bedsheets, covers, pillows, look for a bookcase.

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Ryo さんのコメント...

Yeah, I see you cannot stop writing once you started, I kept reading and reading and it never ends... :P
I'm glad you're doing fine, and satisfied with the flat, I'd love to one day visit you guys!

Pa-Panda さんのコメント...

I am so lazy! I should write less but more often...

Pa-Panda さんのコメント...