A full Day

The week at work was tough this time, not so much stressful because of the amount of work, more unpleasant because of the supervisor. Strange guy.

Anyway, last week I made pickled cucumber soup. Everybody said it was great, even I think so. It did not take too much time or preparation either, less than an hour I think.


1.5 litre water
250 grams typical Polish soup vegetables (1 carrot, 1 leek, 1 parsley root, selery root); it is known as WŁOSZCZYZNA or MIREPOIX
500 grams (or a bit more) of polish pickled cucumbers, Ogorek kiszony. The Ogorek is very important for us Poles - as is sauerkraut.
4 middle sized potatoes
2 spoons of butter
1/3 glass cream (single) - about 70 ml.
the water from pickeled cucumbers - it is very salty and sauer not to mention extremely healthy with lots of vitamin C. Add to suit your taste.
some dill - since I did not have fresh, had to use dried. Not to mention that fresh is uncomparably better.

1. Soup vegetables, potatoes - wash, peel and rinse. Cut potatoes into small cubes. Pulp the vegetables on a grater (what I did) or food processor (what I wished I could do)
2. Take the pulped cucumbers or if you did not buy them pulped, correct the mistake. Dry a bit - strain on a strainer keeping the water; lightly fry it on BUTTER not oil.
3. Add a few spoons of soup to the cream, stirr and add to the pot.
4. Spice it up with salt, pepper and I would necessarily add the water from the cucumbers - it will make the soup quite sour. This soup should necessarily BE sour.
5. Add grated / minced dill.


According to the recipe, you can also add some cooked rice or fine macaroni to make it more nutritious. No doubt it is a good idea.

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VindalooQueen さんのコメント...

Hey, so ein tolles Blog, ich habe jetzt Hunger. Ich habe auch Arbeitsstress...

Pa-Panda さんのコメント...

Ich auch eigentlich habe stress. Der Musschler ist nicht zu vertrauen.