A new recipe from Pa-panda

The day is coming to an end, bit rainy outside. I am looking through job offers to check where I could apply.

I also wrote a new recipe :

It is "Kotlety z kaszy gryczanej" or something translatable to: Buckwheat groat (non-meat)-balls.
What you need is :

300 grams of buckwheat groats
5 glasses of water
middle sized carrot
middle sized parsley root (flat-leaf parsley). I did not have any so used the green parts of parsley
You could use parsnip but it is not as good
60 grams of celery. I used more than that
2 onions
old dried bread-roll.
half a glass of milk - can be less
2 eggs
one spoon of butter
one egg and rusk for battering the balls. Can use real bread crumble for best taste.
some fat for frying - can be butter, preferably lard, I used normal vegetable oil though and was delicious.

Best make your favorite sauce as well, the balls are best with sauce, too dry otherwise, with for instance potatoes or rice. We had it with polish ready-made, just add water mushroom sauce.

Now then...

Wash the vegetables, peel (when necessary) grate them (I wish we had a nice universal kitchen processor) and fry with on a bit of oil, for a short time. NO ONION HERE

Cooke water with salt, add the fried vegetables and cleaned groats, stir and cook until almost ready. I would say it takes up to 10 minutes to cook.
Peel the onions, wash and dice finely. Fry on the remaining oil. Do not let get brown. Just until transparent.

Now soak the bread roll in milk. Just put it together with milk and stir occasionally.

Wash the eggs, separate whites from yolk. Whip the whites until no longer fluid. Stirr the yold separately with soft butter.
Back to the cooked groats. Add yolk, fried onion, bread roll - squeeze excessive milk out of it. Spice it up with salt and pepper. Finally add the whipped egg whites and stir in, slowly and not too quickly.

Form small balls, half the size of your internal palm. Batter in egg and rusk/crumbles. Fry on hot oil/fat until golden.

Serve with your favorite mushroom, tomatoe, cannabis sauce and something filling like potatoes or rice,

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