So as you know, recently I have been taking part in real "married life", it has been 3 weeks now. Satoko is here, we are happy enough with reasonable amounts of stress. Too little stress is not good - you loose your immunity. Right now the stress with Deutsche Bank is over - the money finally arrived. We would like to complain to them about the extreme time it took though.

Thanks to Satopi I am no longer sitting only home for the weekend - she is more active and I get more interested in Edinburgh thanks to her. For the last weekend she planned a nice programme. On Saturday, as you can see on her blog, we went for a walk to the Royal Botanic Gardens. What we intended to see was the Scottish Apples exhibitition - great apples from orchards all over Scotland. You could even try them so we did enjoy and had our fill. There was the presentation on how to press juice from apples too, we tried the freshly pressed juice - quite tasty but a bit sour. We had also a very relaxing walk in the park - the whole garden area is very impressive!

On Sunday we went to the Edinburgh National Museum. So huge! Although I have seen it already, the last time I was there I only managed to see a small part of it. Now ofcourse we also saw a bit only, but we went to the highest terrace - very impressive, the whole building is really BIG. Next time we go there we will see a different part of the exhibition. Maybe something about the technology? Or the history of Scotland.

Later after walking back home (we found a nice Polish bakery just at the Bruntsfield street) we made chinese dumplings stuffed with meat and steamed. Panda was again the main dough making equipment. It was time consuming but the dumpling were so good... I took 3 with me to work the next day but could not work for the lunch break and ate them as soon as possible. Gooooood.
Here are some pictures from the museum - one is the picture S-chan drew - there was a bit for kids where they could draw what they cherish :) so S drew her lovely fatty pa-panda.

I also put a Samurai helmet on my head - actually She put it on my head . As you saw in her post, S-chan likes a good dress-up! She was so pretty in the various costumes from varius times. I especially liked her in the viking clothes - really good colours and it suited her so well! The roman tunic was not too bad either. Obviously the Scottish costume was the most fun. I did prefer her in the Viking dress the most, so cool.

Just to finish - I am ill again, the last time was not pleasant but this one is more serious. I have a fever all the time! Not pleasant - good that I have somebody to take care of me. S-baby is really a good girl, she made me a nice rice soup - was very good. Later on we ate something not so sick-like, we had so many baked potatoes, tasty tasty.
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one of S さんのコメント...

Glad to hear that the trouble finally ended up!!
Both you and S-san must have had a tough time...
Anyway, please take care of your self:)

kojisato さんのコメント...

I am not S:) but thanks for the cheer! We are fine now. Hope you are feeling good and enjoying the time.


poane さんのコメント...

Thank God the money came through. Sounded like a real nightmare! This Samurai helmet is pretty cool. Would've liked to see Kojisato-chan in Viking clothing too (very hard to imagine)! I always wondered why Poland never developed cider. We have so many good apples in Poland (instead you went for the potatoes). Take care Pa-panda san and get well soon!

kojisato さんのコメント...

Yup, that was so stupid of Deutsche Bank.

In Poland we do use apples to make alcohol - the apple wine is good but not too longlasting. My father for instance makes it as well. Last time it was sooooo strong!
We want to make wine here as well - just need to check if it is legal