Beer beer beer beer, glorious beer.

So today we are going to take care of beer making. Afterwards, there will be just a bit about the wine.

First of all beer making is very easy if you only want to make simple beer from ready kit. If so, you buy a kit which includes 1 big can of special syrup with malt (special kind of sugar made from barley) and hops (the plant that gives beer its taste) and a small packet of special beer yeast.

If you buy the most expensive can, which is what we did, you get 2 big cans. In this way you get much better quality beer and do not have to add any sugar. You can still add some special ingredients such as for instance more HOPS if you want it to be very "hoppy" as the beer specialists say.

Then you should boil some water, for us it was 3.5 litres, open both cans and mix them with the boiling water. Be careful to mix it well so that there is no sediment on the bottom of the barrel. You can mix it well in a big pot for instance. We made a mistake... and did not mix it well. More about it later.

After you mix both cans with hot water, stirr it well and add clean good water up to the 5 gallon mark. You can use tap water but only if it is quite good. In Edinburgh it is not too bad but if we ever make our own beer from basic ingredients (barley, hops) we are sure to use bottled or spring water. Actually in Scotland if you have a car you could go to a spring somewhere and take some good tasing water from the nature. You can use filtered water too. We just took normal tap water.

Making beer from basic stuff would demand lots and lots of boiling - expensive energy cost.

After adding tap water just check the temperature. Once it is about 20 degrees add live yeast (you can wake them up by placing separately into warm mixture for a few minutes)

Then close the demijohn and forget about the beer for 2 weeks. It should be good after this time.

Obviously there are more methods of making beer, there is this good beer
making movie here:

Here you have the ready product waiting to finish fermentation. After 2 weeks it will be ready, however, it might be better if you do not drink it soon and put it into bottles to wait further 2 weeks.
As our next step we will test more beer making ways. We will see what it tastes like but it is quite possible that our beer is going to turn out quite well.

Our beer fermenting

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