Gauche The Cellist

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We saw this movie yesterday evening as a way to relax during our wait for Ms M. to come back home. We actually downloaded it because of the other story YamaNeko Restaurant as Satoko told me that the story is very good.

In fact the movie is really worthwhile, with great animation, drawings and story.

I generally like movies about music, such as this one. The other movie that comes to mind and I like was the "Three Colours: Blue." That movie was not really about music but this was the way I received it.

The Gauche... is explicitly about music and as some comment stated: "About teaching music." It escaped me but when I saw the comment, I had to agree.

I will not tell you much about the plot because it is very simple and pleasant. One thing is : there are animals in the movie, as well as "たぬき汁"

We watched the film together for relaxation and were both heavily impressed by the quality of the animation, drawing and the great story combined with enrapturing music (trying to use difficult words here, he he )

I am very happy to have been able to see the movie. Really a treat for the nerves and no Looooove stories finally (well, maybe implied at the end?)
Overall the film was really delightful.

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