Motorola team gets bigger.

Hi all,

Our team is big now! We have many new sexy girls - one from Spain (not too bad) one from Argentina, one from England - very funny and good sense of fashion - and one more Polish girl (but only for the German language support) plus the last one - from Latvia - also nice with heavy metal fashion style.

Our boss-lady has now a big (BIG) belly and is going to give birth in a few days - the baby (also known as MONSTER) is really giving her trouble - kicking and moving all the time - painfully for the mum. Because our bossy-lady is going for a break today one of our girls - French Annabelle (has been to Japan for a few years) suggested that we have a Food Feast. In other words that everybody brings a bit of food, preferably self-made. Last time we had such party it was also on Friday - the best day for something like this since we are not office-dressed. I made some very simple wraps but they were quite popular.
Now, since we have those new girls plus one new guy - an good guy from Italy with a complicated name (we call him Paolo or so) there was much more food. Some quiche and a slightly similar potato cake, pasta, salad - 2 sorts; one Polish from boiled vegetables, the other fresh veggies and tuna. S-chan made a very tasty cake - with mincemeat. It was tasty but because there was so much food, I took some of it back home. Our bossy preggo made marvelous tart - cake with fruit inside, mouthwatering. there was one more type of cake - just do not know what it was. Our Greek girl made Moussaka (click) which was amazing. Just look at the pictures - looks tasty.

Later on, before the end of the shift, we got together and said good luck to our Leila (boss) and gave her the presents - for the baby as well as for the parents. After a few months she is going to get back to work with us though (Scotland is fairly social but not as good as Poland or France - or Germany, so the maternity leave is not long enough)
Tomorrow though we are having a party here so we will meet again - most of the people from Motorola!
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