Homey time

Well well, I am back from work. Actually I have been back from work for a while now but am relaxing next to S-sama.
I had a bit of a difficult day today, had to speak my imperfect German all day long. Changes at work simply. A colleague was veery stressed out - she thinks she cannot do it. Even though she speaks perfect German she is not used to this kind of work. I hope she will get used to it, in the meantime she told me that I am doing very good job. We will see tomorrow.

Anyway, after working and after cycling back home, something very good was waiting for me. FOOOD made by S-sama. She is such a good cook. Almost a month together now and she still has never repeated herself making food. Frankly, for me it is ok because I can eat the same thing many times. However, I am even more happy now if I can eat so many various good meals. I can come back to a warm home - warm in the meaning of home sweet home :) and relax myself with S-chan instead of just sitting there and eating simple Scottish food.

I am very happy that S found an English course - good to start with, as well as a volunteering job! Really, this is like free English lesson twice a week. With this she can do something interesting and stop sitting at home worrying. Next month she already has a course set too. I find it all very positive.

With all this we can also have a good laugh from time to time. It is good to go out and walk a bit - I do not reaaaallly like walking by my own and even with her it would be much better to go by bike. Need to finally find a bike for her.
For instance, we recently (as you know) went to the National Museum. It was fun and we are absolutely going there again the next weekend - or the one after that. We also have to see the royal museum when it finally reopens. Anyway, botanic garden was very good as well. Tomorrow we are going to a small concert - "the Unsingable", we have to see what this is going to be like. I guess it is something for children so it will be perfect for us :D

Oh, by the way, we went to the party - as S wrote. Lots of people were there, so much cigarette smoke too. We both enjoyed it though, especially the alcohol experiment part by Mateusz.

Sunday was very rainy though, pity - we wanted to have a walk to the Chinese supermarket on Longstone road. Actually I went there today - not very expensive and quite big.
But on Saturday we bough a big Ramen for 2! That is why on Sunday after getting up - late because of the previous day party - we had a Raaamen brunch! It was so good... I was left speechless. The basic soup was decent as well as the noodles - very tasty and good sesame oil flavour. S-chan made it even better with fried vegetables with Chinese bean shoots that we had bought the day before! Really lovely.

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