Saturday Party.

We had a small party yesterday, on Saturday. We got up a bit earlier to prepare for it and do some extra shopping.

That was a lot of work for both of us - more for S. because she is the main cook here. You can find in her post what she made <click>
We were waiting for the guests to come, and waiting some more. Mateusz was first at about 10 p.m followed by Joanna with her boyfriend, then, last but not least our boss came with her husband. That's all, actually I was expecting 2-3 more people to be there but that's all. Just as well - there was more than enough food or beer for us, we had a good chat until 1 a.m. - not too late.

Today we wanted to see the King James shopping mall in Edinburgh. But first what we really wanted to see was the Chinese (small) market Matthew's Foods. It was a good walk since the sun was shining and it was not too cold. The shop was very well stocked, it had a lot of Asian and especially Japanese products at good prices. We bought some ramen and tomorrow I am buying 10 kgs of Japanese (actually made in Italy) Shinoda Rice. S knows it well from Germany and says it is quite tasty. I can easily go by this shop on my way from work - just need to make sure I can carry it in my backpack...

By the way, S is ill again, poor girl. I do not know what I can do for her... it must be because of the cold weather. Recently is is really freezing! Real winter. Hope it gets a bit better. I did not come to Scotland to have the weather colder than in Poland! I hope that S-chan will get better as soon as possible.

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Erdb さんのコメント...

Hi, Panda!
I'm glad you've started a happy new life with S-chan^^
Warm greetings!

PS-> Gute Besserung to S-chan!