Birthday Wine and Beer

Hi People.

As you know I had my Birthday Party on Friday.

A few of my and Satoko's friends could come, some missed it unfortunately, pity, they would enjoy it a lot.

We started about 8 o'clock and soon first people started to arrive.

The whole party went in full swing only about 10:30 though. S-chan's friend and her husband as well as Moni-sama with a colleague, Mr. B with partner finally arrived by then.

Unfortunately Mat-chan (from work) did not arrive. Bad boy, supposedly had to arrange some plane booking, lazy pig as he is.

As you must have seen from posts by S, there was strawberry cake!

This was absolutely delicious, so tasty and good looking, marvelous only begins to describe it.

The party was very good, lots of talking all over. We had good food thanks to my colleagues, Annie (German) brougth a beautiful cheese plate, brilliant. Mr. B and his girl made some wonderful beef stew, very spicy. Milena brought pizza, also very welcome.

We offered as much beer and wine as you could drink. We had newly made beer and also a few remaining bottles of older stuff. Additionally there were two kinds of wine, medium - sweet, actually not too bad, pleasant even and quite dry red wine - not too heavy and with unimpressive nose (not too much smell) but nevertheless good enough to drink now. It is definitely going to mature well though (as long as no air will get to it - hope the bottles are well closed.)

Now, going to the presents.

I got a wonderful presents from everybody. So first there is the useful lunch-bag from Annie. Very useful for work as well as for pickniks. It even has a small freezable bag for keeping the contents fresh.

Next, a great, cool tee/coffee mug from Milena. Very pleasant from a nostalgia shop (missing the good old days) called "Past Times" with the message "Keep Calm and carry on" referring to the IInd WW British slogan.

I also got a beautiful book about BIKE MAINTENANCE from Mr B.!!! So good, with lots of clear instructions.

From Satoko, except for the cake of course, I got a book stand (good for recipes or for reading by the desk) and a STUPENDOUS DORAIMON APRON! So carefully made and looking handsome.

The next day was great as well. The weather turned a bit sour but still good enough. We had a Kabalah visit and ate cake again.

Satoko's Sister-chan sent me a nice animated rakuten (I think) e-card with her oppinion about our flat share : ---->
Obviously she knows that we are 3 pigs eating all the time!!!!!!!! he he he.
It was honestly very pleasant to get it.

On Sunday we had a next birthday cake (hmmmm, when it was S-chan's birthday she did not get even one... could it mean that she is trying to tell me something?) but this time made from sushi :)

Again, so amazing, lack for words.

Great weekend.

Next time : wine competition and ginger/apple/lemon wine. In preparation now.

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