Day in the park on Sunday

Last Saturday was really busy, with us going to the charity event "Cakes for Japan" where people were gathering money for Red Cross by selling their bakes.
We went and had a few cakes, delicious!
Sweet though, afterwards we were hungry for something sturdy and had a pizza, really good one too.

Otter or something

We went to the small park nearby to have a walk and sit in the sun for a bit, too. Weather was a bit patchy but mostly sunny though.

On our way back we were going on a small bridge and saw this - what could this animal be? I think some kind of an otter, otter? --->

 I am following what is happening in Japan and the Nuclear power plant seems to have stolen most of the attention of the foreign media. In the background of this hundreds of thousands of people are still suffering with not much view for an improvement in the nearest future. The fears about the power plant are probably too exaggerated but the situation remains very serious. We are also going to take part in a small charity party as volunteers. Since this will be about selling food, I have made BIGOS, quite a lot of it. Tomorrow I will need to make small potato pancakes as well.

There are many sources for information, such as the Guardian newspaper. I like the various opinions of only slightly prejudiced scientists instead of pro or contra fanatics. I especially like this guys website. he gives good links to seriously good sites as well: Energy from thorium. He is a proponent of a different and much safer (so called Generation IV nuclear reactor.)

On a different note, I have made Natto yet again. Splendid results, ammonia smell rising strongly.

Gooey Natto

I will need to make a pizza next time since I have a nice tool for it. I am going to fry a pizza base on my new huge pan, then put the topping on it and stick it all to the oven. The new pan is oven-proof, I am interested in the results. The other pan is a griddle, also useful and non-stick, easy to clean. Hope there are not going to be ANY scratches in the future. My babies.
Unfortunately I forgot to cook yesterday... I truly did, really sorry. Such a bad husband. At least  I wash up everyday. 

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