Last few weeks.

Right yesterday it had been a full month since we started moving to a new flat, that would mean we have not been living for a month yet but it will be very soon, actually this weekend.

I am very glad that we have moved. The place is really cosy with a lot of space for our live and even for our things. I do not feel that it is too small although it is obviously smaller than the previous one.

We have a living room, a dining corner, a kitchen and a big wardrobe in the bedroom. I cannot easily think how it could be better. Maybe wooden floors and a bigger kitchen with the fridge inside? The fridge is very big, by the way.

What I liked about the previous place most is the extremely practical clothes drier which was put on the ceiling there, that you could take down, load with laundry and pull up, out of the way. So practical. No place for that here though, maybe except the bedroom?

Beyond the moving, nothing else has been happening recently for us personally. Of course we have followed the earthquake as closely as possible. It is terrifying for me and I feel very bad about all the victims and their families. I cannot understand what it is to experience such a catastrophe.
I am really worried about the Fukushima power plant as well. It is by no means finished. There will be many months and years when it will continue to be a problem. I do not think there were many errors made but hopefully and independent commission will look into the whole incident, this will be so complicated. Probably the plant could have been built slightly more safely but I do not believe much more could have been achieved to ensure safety in such II generation nuclear power plant.

Many people will now understandably protest the use of nuclear power, I do not say they are wrong all of the way. However, nuclear power is likely to be very important to humanity. I am quite interested in the developments in the Liquid Sodium / Liquid Fluoride Salt reactor, which China recently pledged to develop, as well as the possibilities offered by the liquid metal cooled reactor (liquid lead for instance)

I sincerely hope the Fukushima will not get worse and that more control can be exercised over it. Since the reactors are cooling now it is more likely it will get into the next phase, winding down the emergency and clean-up.
Important not to forget about the people working there and honour them by trying to understand what  it is they are trying to achieve and what they work with.

Right now we are waiting for our deposit from the previous flat, some problems of course. The landlady cannot live without problems I suppose. Probably she wants to redecorate as much as she thinks she can get away with for our deposit money.  We will wait and see.

As to anything else, I would like to start going to a I-go club, they have meeting twice a week normally but now once a week on Wednesdays. It is not too far from here by bike or bus so I hope I will make it this week... hope so.

Wine and Beer update:
I am making this http://brewing-journal.blogspot.com/2011/03/mead-from-honey-golden-syrup-and-pears.html
and this:  http://brewing-journal.blogspot.com/2011/03/forest-fruit-and-grape-juice.html
plus I would like to make a few liters of nice Abdij Beer.

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