Good life is here.

Hi everybody!

I hope you are having a good time and that everybody has decent weather.

Here in Edinburgh it is very varied, you cannot tell with much certainty when it will rain and when it will be sunny. However, recently, the weather is quite good. It was even sunny and hot recently, so nice.

We finally managed to go for the Crammond trip, that was good, extremely pleasant. I hope S-chan had a good time, although I believe she did because we had quite decent icecream :)

We aslo saw the Lauriston Castle - really nice garden and a stunning property, not to mention the newly attached Japanese-style garden. The garden is not very big but really nice to relax and walk in.

Generally, we are having a nice time, really enjoying the life here - by life I do NOT mean work, though. I really want to find a different job, without the necessity to be on the phone. I would prefer to help other people with their computers, learn to configure computer networks, how to connect cables. THat would be very cool.

Anyway, life is good now. We are thinking about when my parents come here in 2 months and S. has had many good ideas.

Beer and wine making is also proceeding well. Remember the Kubus wine? We are going to bottle it in a few days but to be frank, it does not taste very well... it is common that "country" wines - meaning wines not made from grapes - need to ferment and stay in bottles for a very long time. I believe the Kubus wine should be in the demijohn for half a year, instead of a few weeks. It was started on 2010.05.05 only... It really should be at least 2 months before bottling! We do have however 3 other wines in preparation. It is a simple apple juice wine and a bit more complicated summer forest fruit wine. A few days ago we started melon wine, too. I will put the recipes into our blog later on. Should be interesting what will come of the wines. Maybe even the oversweet Kubus wine is not going to be too bad.

As to the beer production, it is going well too. Our last beer was not impresive but it was better than in the shops anyway.

We had a special small batch of blac bbeer - great really! It is the Brown Bear Dutch Beer that I already mentioned in one of the previous posts.

Tomorrow I am going to go to the shop with my colleague B. again. Maybe even S will come, especially that we are going to go by car of Mr. B. First scottish car ride for S.

By the way, today I and S. are going to see Macbeth in the Opera House in Edinburgh, the Lyceum Theatre. This is going to be amazing I am sure.

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