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As we have previously written, we like to make our own products. For instance, we make beer and wine, natto and we want to make tofu too. We will see if we can make it with tofu but for now our team is very happy with the bread making results.

S. likes bread well enough but I can eat extreme amounts of good bread. The bread here though... for crying out loud! Not good at all, too soft, fluffy and without much taste, just sweet.

At the same time making your own bread could not be easier and more pleasant. If you have even a bit free time, your bread has good chances of being very tasty and looking good too.

What I do is to mix all together, wait for it to grow and bake, more or less.

The easy recipe is:

I recommend making bread out of 1 KG of flour and about 700 mililliters of warm water. In this way you will have 2 big loaves, one of which you should freeze once it cools down. You can experiment with the exact amount of flour or water but since I started using these proportions, I have had no problems at all.

I mix for instance:

300 grams of plain wheat flour, 400 grams of strong bread flour and 300 grams of whole wheat flour. I mix the flours in a bowl, add some additional ingredients, such as today: about half a small jar of sun-dried tomatos, cut into pieces. Then I added 2 big soup spoons of the oil from the jar with tomatoes with an additional half a small pack of mixed seeds bought from a supermarket; pumpkin, sunflower and other kinds of seeds. Add a bit of sugar (like half a teaspoon) and salt - not too much but it helps the taste.

Now to the yeast. One of the ways to make bread grow is to use yeast. The other is sourdough but I do not know how to do it, although it should be easy.

Just take some warm water - not too much, a cup should be fine, put one full teaspoon of dried yeast (I have bough a big can with yeast instead of using small packets) and dissolve in water with a teaspoon of sugar. The water cannot be hot, just keep it under 30 degrees C. for safety. Leave it in a warm place for 10 minutes and then add to the flour mix. Start adding water from the 700 milillitere minus the amount for yeast, mixing the water into the flour with your hand or a big spoon or prefferably with a dough mixer - which I do not have as a result being forced to use my hands. I use a metal bowl and it is great to use.

Once the dough is smooth without pockets of flour, cover it with something - may be kitchen wrap and leave for 1 hour somewhere warm. If it is growing quickly, take it out after it has doubled in volume.

Take 2 bread/cake forms and put some baking paper in, this will be ver useful later if you use paper now! I suppose everybody knows about it though. Put about the same amounts of dough inside each form, cover with kitchen wrap and leave for further 30 - 40 minutes somewhere warm.

Take it out, start the oven - I would say 200 degrees C is fine but 180 will work just as well for slightly different bread. Now do not forget to remove the kitchen wrap you put on the bread beforehand, put the forms into the oven and bake for 45 minutes up to on hour. Take the bread out and leave to dry (or eat with salt and butter :D) Soooooo goood.

Bon Apetit.

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