After wedding

Halloo its me again.
I am sorry that I have been silent for a while. It just that I am not too good with writing.

Besides, when I read the blog my S-chan wrote, even in the strange google translation, it is simply much better than what I can write :)

I had something good to eat yesterday - an omlette - some people call it a soufflé(how do you say it?)
Anyway, it is done without any recipe :) Yesterday I was feeling a bit hungry in the evening. So I went to the kitchen and suddenly decided to make an omlette. I took 2 eggs, some milk, some flour (about 4 table spoons) and mixed it all together - without even using an electric mixer. I first separeted the yolk from the white. I don't know if that was necessary though, hmmm.
Oh, and I added some baking soda. It looks quite nice on the pan, however ... It all fell down right after I took it out so it was very flat :D tasty though.

I am thinkin about my S-chan right now. It was so good and pleasant when I could see her with my own eyes, not only talk on the phone. I wish I can see her again as soon as possible.
Right now I am finishing the MA procedure, still some things to do.

Somehow S-chan seems unhappy and stressed out. She was ill as well, hope she is going to be well soon. (how are you baby?)

About the wedding - it was simply wonderful. Thank you baby for taking me with you. You could have chosen to go with kuma-kun or Roderik-kun but you went with me, thanks :)
Everything she wrote about it was true - but in real life it was even better :D
Such good food and helpfull people.

I and S-chan will have a quiet wedding in Ciechanów, with my nearest family and a few guests only. I hope she will like it. I am sure I will.

I am going to eas some Natto rice now :D
I promise though that I will try to write some more.

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