A somewhat busy day.

Hi there,

I am having a pretty good day. It is sunny and not windy - it is a bit chilly but that is quite pleasant actually. Have my window open right now, it was unpleasant in my room with it closed.

I got a bit late today, well, I need to controll it somewhow. Would love to need to sleep maximally 4 hours daily only :P. Not going to happen any soon :D

I went to my university, did everything I wanted to do there and afterwards went to a European Jobs Fair (Job Messe)

Sorry for the photo quality but they were made with my cellphone - it is a Nokia E51 and the quality of photos from this phone is very weak.

I expected the fair to by bigger than it was but it was not too small. It was organised because today was a European Job Day (or something like this) so the regional government organised it.

I gathered some leaflets - about the life in the UK, Scotland and generally about the European Union. There was some fairly interesting materials about the Euro (when it should come to Poland and what advanteges it will have) and the changes in the european system (the Lisbon Treaty - if it will be ratified at all)

I talked with the Scottish representative - about the life and work in Scotland. He assured me that Polish people are well treated and fairly respected there.

As you can see there were quite a few people there.
I found a few job possibilities as well but mostly the representatives were giving information about living in the countries. They were also distributing information on where to look for jobs; internet search sites, newspaper online job sections, things like this.

I think it was a good thing that I went there, it was really informative.

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Kiki und Noix さんのコメント...

Hallo. Ich kann kein Englisch. Deswegen möchte ich dir Paar Frage stellen.

In deiner Uni hat eine Job Messe stattgefunden, und man kann sich dort über viele Jobs in Europa informieren. Du hast dich auch gut informiert. Ist das richtig?

In welcher Bereich(z.B. Infolmatiker od. Kaufmann od. Mechaniker) werden vorgestellt?
Und muss man sehr gut in Englisch sein? Hängt das davon ab, bei welcher Stelle man sich bewerben möchte?

Pa-Panda さんのコメント...

Ja, genau, du hast gut verstanden - (nur dass war nicht uni aber regierung job-messe).
Die bereiche waren unterschiedlich,eigentlich da gab nicht zu viele job angebote - einfach algemeine erklarung uber die Landern - wie dass leben und system dort ist und wie mann Arbeit suchen kann.
Am meinsten braucht mann wenigstens bisschen Englisch sprechen

kojisato さんのコメント...

Hey, you got a commentar! Congratulation!
It bring you some motivaton, isn't it?
It's good to hear about your visit to
the job messe.
I hope you can find something in next
"Good job!"

Erdbeer さんのコメント...

Nice to meet you ^^
I wasn't sure if this article is just for your fiancée(huhuhu) or for all of us. I just wanted to say HI, though, since I haven't practiced English in a long long time!

Anyway, I have only been to a Weinmesse & Essensmesse ;).

Pa-Panda さんのコメント...

no no, its for everyone (but S-chan can read it so I had better be careful what I write :P