Summer time

Hallo again everyone. So the summer is coming to Poland very quickly.
I have been meaning so write something sooner but it took me some time to actually do it :/p

Well, as S-chan is writing, Herbst / Autumn has arrived to Europe. Maybe not everywhere yet but definitelly Poland and part of Germany. I must tell you that I like this part of the year very much.
It is not too hot anymore and not cold yet (mostly - it can be cold sometimes). Poland is known (at least to us - the Polish people) for its beautiful Autumns, so called "Golden Autumn" because of the many golden (gold-like) leaves falling down from the trees. It is beautiful to take your beloved wife (or wife to be) and walk slowly through the part, feeling the leaves crickle under your feet. To enjoy the balmy (not too hot, not too cold, not windy but sunny) wather and feel the hadn of the other person in your hand. Just being together, talking or not...
I must say I feel nott too good about not having my S-chan next to me and not being able to make her by doing something nice, saying something nice to her - like kissing her brow or bitting her nose or ear.

So that's what it looks like on a good and sunny day.

A few days ago I was waiting fro my doctor (my University Doctor - woman :)
That is the picture of my corridor where I was waiting. NOOBODY there :/

Since she didn't come to her duty hours, I went to eat something in a very typically
Polish "Milk Bar" "Bar Mleczny"
I don't know anymore why it is called so byt the way. You can get milk soup (also typically polish) and many different things (nalesniki - pancakes with different souces and fillings, pierogi - dumplings - sweet or with meat or something esle)
You can also eat something very typicall -like meat chops with potatoes and some soup - thera are many soups - I usually take tomatoe soup with rice or broth with small noodles. It is quite cheap and there are a few of those all over the city - there are 5 in the center only.
For the same price as in ex. McDonalds you can get something much better - real juice, and 2 course meal. It will make you full guaranteed!
I made a terrible terrible mistake this time however...
Instead of something typical I decided to take a "zupa szczawiowa" a soup made with sorrel leaves. Look here (english) and here (japanese) if you want to know what it is. I normally like it very much (it is eaten with egg traditionally) but this time it was very bad - not sour at all, a bit sweet - tasted very much like nothing - or mud :p bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
At home my mother used to make this soup (or my aunt) and I and my brother had to pick leaves from the meadow :). Such soup was very good.

By the way, do you know this song?
I think it is brilliant.
Summertime song. (youtube)

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2 Comment:

kojisato さんのコメント...

Hey japanese Wikipedia said, if you
eat so many this leaves, you get food
And are you ok?
About autumn you wrote like a poet:-*
I'm sorry you are not hier. Now every
trees are more yellow than last time,
when you in HRO. Maybe it keeps until
the middle of November.
Anyway this music I played too;-)

Pa-Panda さんのコメント...

I sure hope so my dear. I would like to tell you many things to your ear. By the way - you wrote it very well and I understood you perfectly.