Food Poland / Japan.

Today I would like to speak about Polish and Japanese food.

People who have been reading S-chan, know that I like to eat. I eat (almost) everything.
I love Polish food - flaki, kaszanka, pierogi (some of you know what I am talking about).

You know what flaki is ? - this is FLAKI made from beef innards - guts. This link is from english wikipedia and so it is not exactly what we Polish people call flaki, try this - the picture is nice polish flaki
I also like Kaszanka. It is made from blood with some kind of groats (kasza). You can eat it cold (I used to like it like this but not anymore) or prefferably warmed up on a pan (it is delicious like this). Kaszanka in wikipedia.

Despite the fact that I like Polish stuff (I won't write about pierogi, rosół, kiełbasa - various Polish and delicious sausages, and other things) I love Japanese and asian food a lot - I could eat everything. I love Japanese ... (means everything ) except I don't really like ebi with the hard skin (S-chan eats it sometimes !!!) - too much work to chew. I really enjoy natto with egg and soya sauce. I like ebi, tako, soups, sweets, okonomiyaki...
Everything is so delicious and healthy - I even prefer Japanese-type rice to long grain rice. I always eat enough for 2 - 3 people when I am at S-chan'splace. :D

Many people say that natto is disgusting, can't understand it. It does taste mellow (not too strong taste) but it looks so funny when you eat it - the sticky strands are everywhere :) When you add the Japanese mustard and sause it tastes greeeat!
Some people say that Mochi is not very good. How can they say something like this, it is wonderful! Sooo sticky :P~~ and sweet. I could eat it everyday for the rest of my life.
Nori! why can't I eat seaweed everyday... ech.
Finally, there is jagariko - I quite like it. However as S-chan reminds me all the time, once she got a big package from her mother from Japan. In this package, she had 4 jagariko. When she was gone I ate all of one taste - and she was very angry with me. Since then I don't really like it a lot. Mochi is better anyway.
I totally forgot about anko and daifuku. I miss it so much.
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Erdbeer さんのコメント...


I start missing Kojisato-san :)!
Though I guess she's enjoying some
good Japanese food (yum yum).

It's awesome that you can eat almost? everything in Japan.
I even know some Asian friends who
can't eat natto or anko, so you
must be a good eater!

It was always hard with my bf
(German), as he ate neither fish
nor rice... They're a MUST for me.

>ebi with the hard skin
What do you mean? The dry ones?

OK, have a nice day there!

Pa-Panda さんのコメント...

Well, I miss S-chan as well, all the time. I admit, she is a much better blog writer than me :(
Strange, are there REALLY people who don't eat rice or fish!?? I only hate herring.
Ebi with hard skin, how should I say... I mean with the shell still on, not separated.

Erdbeer さんのコメント...

Just quick...

>I admit, she is a much better
blog writer than me :(
Oh, I didn't mean THAT!!

I think you mean "sakura-ebi"?
Those small dried ones which are
used for seasoning, etc.

Pa-Panda さんのコメント...


don't worry - I mean that!!!! :D I know that I am such a bad writer of anythign :{P