The city I have been for the last few years to.

The city's name is Poznan (actually Poznań - with a Ń letter at the end)
Poznań - google maps
Poznań - Wikipedia

It is a rather old city, with many beautiful places. You might say the past of the city is strongly German in its origin - and it can be seen it the architecture, language and as some people say, in the character of the people. Other cities' citizens claim that Poznań people are stingy and somber. I don't really know, can only suppose that they are more or less the same as everywhere else :?

I like the place a lot, there are so many memories that I have from here. Nevertheless, I have been here for a long time without reaching a success. I do believe it is time to move out. Even so I wouldn't have a problem to come back in a few years and make this place my (and S-chan's) home.
I suppose though that we will live in Warszawa in the future. S-chan likes Wroclaw a lot as well (and I agree with her)
Really, Poznan is a less stressful city than Warszawa, it is nicer, cleaner, the people are nicer too.
I have been studying here for too long a time and even so I enjoy the place. So many parks, interesting buildings, historical places, leisure time possibilities. Hmm, I will not feel entirely happy leaving the place.

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kojisato さんのコメント...

I can agree Poznan is a nice city.
But... Rostock is more beautiful, or?
Exactly this city is too small for us.
We have seen almoust every places.
When we are 60, Wroclaw is a good place to live.
Anyway we have more choice for our
I think ex. Sweeden is not bad.

Pa-Panda さんのコメント...

welll, Rostock may be a bit nicer indeed :D