The merits of meditation.

Yesterday I had a lazy day. I simply couldn't concentrate to do anything serious. My eyes hurt as well. As usuall too much computer and stupid internet pages.

I had a audio book to read though - a set of shorter and longer stories by Roger Zelazny. The stories were quite interesting and as always very well written. It is always simple, strong and clear language.

But I decided to try to meditate while listening to the book. So I sat not so comfortably on the floor (so as not to fall asleep) and tried to concentrate only on the language, the voice and on understandig it. It did make my mind a lot more clear and free from worries.
Then I was concentrating in a more traditional manner - just concentration and breathing controll. Mostly as in typical zazen.
I must definitelly do more of it. Normally, my mind is too cluttered with very often unnecessary thoughts and activities. Then I really can not force myself to do anything useful!
After sitting for a while and trying not to think about anything in particular it is easier to make decisions and start working. I think you should sit a bit uncomfortably - it helps with concentration. You don't have to TRY too hard not to think about anything. Just when a thought comes to your head don't let it stay for too long. The purpose of the exercise is to free your mind a bit for some time.

By the way, one of the stories in the collection was entitled "24 Views Of Mount Fujii by Hokkusai". The whole collection was entitled "Frost and Fire"
The story only had 24 views of 46(?) on the whole because it was based on an abridged American edition of the woodcut. Thanks to the story I had a look at the woodcuts and I liked them a lot, really nice work. You can find all of them HERE.
By the way, Zelazny is definitely on of my favorite writers - he has such a special style of writing that just makes you want to read on.

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kojisato さんのコメント...

Oh my God! I see a double chin of you!!!!!
Mediacion is good. I leraned at the
Yoga Course. But now I can find a
time for that:(
Ok. I meke me a "Blog Mediation":-p

Pa-Panda さんのコメント...

There IS NO double chin. I am a very very slim guy.

Yeah - for you writing blog is meditation :D and knitting is taking drugs - you just cannot stop it but you hate it :D :)