Studies: Almost done.

today I was finally able to finish all the formal business with my studies. I still need a few small things and one big one - the MA exam.
The exam will take place in the second half of November, so I still have some time to learn.
Anyway, today I registered my thesis at the dean's office, had a few photos taken for the diploma, supplied all the necessary documentation.
Tomorrow I will go to the university one more time to speak shortly with my "promotor" - the person responsible for my thesis. After that, I am going home to Ciechanów.
On Saturday, the 1st of November, there is the "Swieto Zmarlych" - "All Souls' Day", a very important day for Christianity. Even if I am not a believer, this is a day when many people get together and vistit the cemeteries and light some lights on the graves. I always need to pretend that I am praying since most people don't get it that atheists don't pray. Nevertheless, I am not a hardcore fanatical atheist so I can pretend a bit.
Next week I am going to go back to Poznań and check if everything is ok. with the exam preparations, I also need a book. Besides, I will go to Kojisato on Friday.

Here is my foto (the official on that I took today)
:D what do you think?

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