P-man after a great pause2-1. Trip from England back to Poland2-

I would like to continue from where I left it - but not too long so as not to make it too boring :)
So ...
we came to the airport finally. Then we had a sandwich and a good coffee. Later on we found the waiting lounge and made ourselves comfortable on the chairs there - not too bad actually, the chairs were pretty soft. Nevertheless there was so much noise and light and movement so we had to take care of our bags. There were also many heavily armed policemen.
Just to finish the story.
The next day at about 6 we got up, and split - my colleague went to one terminal and I to another. I still had so much time - untill 1230! So I checked my luggage in, and had a look at the duty free area. Not too big but decent I believe. I had a nice full (very big ) breakfast at Weatherspoon's, got some coffee, orange juice and left. Then I tried to find some gifts - I got some in the gift shop, mainly tee and a small Paddington baer for my sister. I also bought wine (Porto) in a different shop for my grandmother.
I still had very much time till my flight so I simply walked about the place, watching electronics, comparing prices ...
Actually, the prices in the duty free area are not so much lower then elsewher or so I believe. Hmmmm.

Well, to cut a long story short, I got on my flight, flew to Poznan on a nice big plane, ate a sandwitch and I was back where I came from.

still to come:
but since I am soooo sleepy, You will have to wait till tomorrow (I am talking to you my schatz :) )

. Back to Ciechanow.
. Worries and good time with family.
. Wonderful home.
. Miss Tako-chan.
. Have to finish studies and work work work.

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kojisato さんのコメント...

You, sleepy beauty (or beast)! I think the duty free is not chaep.
But you found good things! And for me?:-p

Pa-Panda さんのコメント...

Hrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, (schlafen)
ich sage nicht was ich fuer dich.