Unagi - something

What could it be? unagi, thats more or less certain but the something is not too definite.
Some people say it is a dog, some say it is a cat. So what is it actually?
Unagi-neko OR Unagi-inu.... hmmmmmmmmm.

I am soo tired and sleepy, yesterday it was a very eventful night. As usulall I was on duty untill something like midnight and then decided to turn in. However after I rad a bit and was falling asleep, a collague woke me up and said that some kids were caught in a different house where the adult students live. Obviously, they were not supposed to be there!
Well, at least we knew that we had them.
Unfortnatelly, when we were doing a room check we discovered that some other children were missing - 6 girls and 1 boy, so we had to look for them. There was some mistake of the woman who is taking care of the girls - either they were hiding or she didn't check correctly. She told us that the missing kids were not in the girl' part of the house so we had to look elswhere. We looked really everywhere - in the lake, in the pool, in the other buildings - all over the grounds, 3 times over. In the meantime we were also checking on the rooms. Well, after a few hours, about half past 4, the girls were found as well as teh boy - he is saying that he went to his cousin's room to talk to her and as she was not there, he wanted to wait for her. Then when the woman started to look for the kids he hid under the bed and fell asleep... Untill 4 o'clock :P that was sooo tireing.

As a result I am very tired right now. Today I still need to ask somebody if there will be a position for me here later on. Hope it will go well. Need to go and change my clothers as it is getting a bit cold.


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kojisato さんのコメント...

He ist a dog! But he has a Unagi-Mama and Dog-Papa. It's a long love story:-) By the way "Unagi Inu" has a girl friend. A white Unagi Inu! And "Bakabon no Papa" ate Unagi Inu although twice oder three Times! You, understand???? hehehe

くみりんこ さんのコメント...

I didn't know the story about Unagi-inu!!

How interesting!!