P-man after a great pause3

Welcome again.
I am sitting at home by my new-old ECS laptop and so I would like to write something for everybody who is interested.
Basically, I don't recommend ECS company as a laptop maker. They make decent laptops but I was lucky for mine to break only once in its history (the charging port needed changing.)

Back to business.
As i wrote last time, I came back home. It is so extremely nice here. Everyting is green, so beautiful. I wish my t-chan could be here as well.
So then, I am here, as well as almost everybody else - my brother, my sister (well, she left but at the beginning she had been here for almost a month when I came.) She needed a new laptop so my brother found a Fujitsu Siemens for her, seemed nice enough. She thought that this laptop was broken but it is working decent now - except for the battery and charging port. I need to have a look at it later on before it breaks again. Right now I'm chewing some gum because I want to stick a bit of it under the keybord - it's a bit rickety :). My brother brough his 3G modem here so through his laptop there is wireless everywhere in our house !!! First time ever that the network waves sweep the walls of this domicile. Ok, the chewing gum is in place, much better :P

Since I arrived I went to the swimming pool a few times. First with my sister, then with my niece - Natalia (almost 5 years old) and the last time the day before yesterday with my brother and Natalia again. That was so fun, the girl is pretty unruly but she can be good when she wants to be (ooo, she is not so bad - just childishly naughty + 1 :O )
Except for this I am picking fruit - we have so much plums! The tree boughs break because they have too much fruit, much more than last year. We have 3 kinds of plums, the standard navy blue, the red-pink-blue ones and white, very very sweet kind. I personally prefer the white ones - they are very tasty.
While I am here I sometimes think that the place is a real home for me. No matter what absolutely stupid rubbish I do, my parents love me, I love my family, my brother, niece too. It is such a comfort to know that you have a place to be able to come back to. Maybe when I'm old I will stay here with my wifey until we are made young again by modern medicine ( as in the Commonwealth novels by Peter F. Hamilton - recommended for Sci-Fi affictionados.)

I enjoy it here very much, although I wasn't able to do much. So far the only thing that I needed here was internet and it's here now. Just perfect.
Tomorrow I intend to make regional vodka (honey and lemons with spiritus) we shall then see how it goes.
The next post will be about SKYPE

to follow:
. Miss Tako-chan.
. Have to finish studies and work work work.

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kojisato さんのコメント...

I miss your family very much. Next time I visit them, Sommer is gone:(And how many bottles of regional vodka did you make?

kojisato さんのコメント...

About chewing gum I think disgusting!!!!

Pa-Panda さんのコメント...

he he he, well, maybe a bit disgusting but now the computer is not working unnecessary noise :P he he he.
I am making vodka tomorrow. Hope you like it. I will make a lot but for us I am taking only 0.75 L. Hope it is enough???