P-man after a great pause1-1. Trip from England back to Poland1-

Hallo everyone,

I am so sorry not to have written for such a long time.
I guess that I am not a writing type, still I could have
written some more.

I have some excuse; I didn't have good access to a
computer with internet, and when I did I didn't feel
like writing.

I don't have too much to write though, some stuff
about my trip from Great Britain back home with a
small and, maybe interesting piece about night at Gatwick
airport, then some shopping in duty free zone. After this there
is a short stay in Poznan - about a week but pretty fruitless
and right now back at Home Sweet Home with my family + 1
very young stranger.
Then I wanted to say a few things about my family, the home
and how good it is to be back. Also, what problems I have with my Tako-chan.
Maybe later I will write something about a cell phone I want to buy. I might put it
in a different Post though.
I will finish writing it later, need to get a shower

Welcome back. Soo fresh after a shower.

1. Trip from England back to Poland.

There was a bit of fun when I was going back home from London. I had a plane on Monday at 12:30. My friend (John from Scotland) had a plane on Monday as well but at 6 o'clock. So we decided that we go earlier on Sunday already and sleep over at the airport. I think it was a good idea for me to go with John since otherwise there would be problems with me getting to the airport from my work.
So we went on Sunday evening. I spent the day watching movies and easing leftover sweets :) and drinking some beer. John however had to work :D he he he.
When we were driving to the Railway Station in Tunbridge Wells, we were stopped by the Police!!! It turned out that the car we took was STOLEN!!!

Ok, it wasn't - the rear stop light was not working properly. Fortunately John is really well and soft spoken person so somehow he was able to convince the policemen to let us go. He also was trying to hide the fact that he only had flip-flops on his feet - and in England it is forbidden to drive like this. He managed to hide it though. Since it was the school-car, it should be much better than that. It was some Pegaut something.

After we arrived at the station we quickly took a train - which should have brought us directly to the airport, as the internet said... however...
the train, contrary to the internet time-table didn't go to the airport (Gatwick)
We had to go as far as to London on this train and then turn back and go to Gatwick. No problem though - we didn't even have to pay more money.
In this way we arrived to the airport, feeling quite well even if a bit tired - John was very tired and I was more or less ok.
More to come very soon. It is rather late and I am going to sleep now. Cheers everybody.

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Wow, you wrote so much! I'm looking forward to read a contination of your sotry:-)
PS I'm not TAKO!