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3 years ago I went with my sister to the train station to pick her girlfriend up.
At that time I wasn't thinking too much about it, I just came back from Germany, didn't have a very good time there, and had some time at the moment.

When this girl left the train, I didn't look too closely at her, tried to be polite only. As it seems at the moment, being polite ment being strange (butter milk as she keeps saying now!!!) It appears as well that I was a bit too annoying with my conversation - inevitably about Japan. I had been interested in Japan for some time by then and such an occasion to speak to a genuine Japanese girl was very interesting to me.
It seems she didn't like talking about samurai swords and stuff like this too much.

However, later on in the afternoon and evening, we had some good fun. I even ordered her to hide some beers in her purse when we went to a pub so that we could drink them later illegaly inside. Incredible, I have known a girl (a person) for a few hours only and I force her to do embarassing things already. I cannot believe that now! Such a socially inept man. Well, at least I didn't attempt to pick her up.

I managed however to throw her to the FLOOR!!! while dancing but it counts as well :D we went to a Mexican music pub (very nice and interesting - and HOT not to mention sweaty) and we TRIED to dance - it was fun though.

A good tip for some people - fill a girl with : a few beers, at best different brands, at least two. A so called Bad Dog shot - at least two up to 4 and see what happends. Could be interesting.

BAD DOG or MAD DOG shot: you need vodka, raspberry juice (thick and very sweet) and Tabasco sauce.
1. Pour some raspberry juice into a shot-glass (about 1/3 of the glass)
2. Pour an amount of vodka slowly by the rim of the glass (so that it doesn't mix with the juice)
3. Add some drops of real Tabasco (I guess red is the best, I believe however that you could have a nice taste with twice as much Jalapeno sauce) I find 4-5 big drops of Tabasco are ok. Carefull - it is a bit spicy - but it must be to kill the taste of vodka :P (bleee)

drink quickly, go for the next. Tasty!

But back to the romantic story.
We have been together for 3 years, and it has been the best girl I have ever known in my life.
Very smart, hard working and nice - as in "nice person". Polite, calm, fun, funny, sexy, charming, beautiful, interesting, curious, not predjudiced, thinking, likeable, gregarious, sociable.... and and and. Everything a Man could ever need in his life-mate.
But these are not the reasons why I want to marry her and have children with her and live forever and ever with her. It is because I love her. (well I do because of all the things but this is a different thing :D )

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Kiki und Noix さんのコメント...

Ich habe gehört, dass Sie mit Ihrer Frau auf Deutsch sprechen. Und weil ich kein Englisch kann(Obwohl ich in der Schule 6 Jahre gelernt habe, habe ich alles vergessen...), möchte ich auf Deutsch schreiben.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch!!
Ich wünsche Ihnen das Wohl Ihrer Familie.

Ich habe diesen Satz schon für Ihre Frau geschrieben, aber ich möchte noch mal schreiben.

Wenn Ihre Schwester mit Ihrer Frau keine Freundschaft geschlossen hätte, hätten(oder würden) Sie beide ganz anders leben. Deswegen müssen Sie sich bei Ihrer Schwester dafür bedanken, oder?

Als ich ihres Massage gelesen habe, habe ich gedacht, dass Ihre Frau sehr glücklich ist und Sie sie sehr lieben.

Mein Freund ist auch Pole und wir wohnen in Würzburg. Wenn wir seine Schwester besuche, trinke ich immer Kirschwodka. Er schmeckt mir sehr gut!!
Aber ich interessiere mich für Ihr Rezept, das Sie vorgestellt haben.

Also noch mal, herzlichen Glückwunsch!!

Pa-Panda さんのコメント...

Vielen dank fuer Ihre Kommentar! Dass war sehr nett es zu lesen, hoffe dass Du hier wieder kommst!
Schreib viel Kommentar! Wir werden uns sehr freuen!

Adam (Pa-Panda)

kojisato さんのコメント...

kiki und noixさん>ドイツ語でコメント