Bike trip from Edinburgh to Queensferry

One more post for today.
On Saturday we got up even before 10 o'clock. We had actually no idea what do to on this day. I wanted to go to the museum and as I was getting ready, Ania had the idea that we all go on a bike trip together. Mr. B. was a bit undecided on it but we left for the trip at about 12 o'clock.

Trip Route :Google Maps Route. It was more or less like this, except after we left the city, we were trying to ride by the sea shore. I must tell you, the weather was very good, the bikes were decent; it was really pleasant.
The whole trip was rather long - it was more or less 40 kilometers. I believe that this is my record. The going was not so bad on the way to Queensferry. The bike path was at leas visible at worst and very smooth in best places. We made some stops as well. Overall, I was pleased with this part, so I wasn't too tired after we arrived.
Actually, we only saw the south part of the town. It is a really pleasant old town with nice, well-kept, mostly stone houses, narrow (very) streets and a great view on the bay - as you can see on the photo above. We drank a coffee there and rested a bit. Unfortunately, the coffee was not too good, simply filter coffee.
Before we even got to the town, we could see the great bridge on the river Firth of Forth. It was finished in the year 1890 and it remains very impressive untill today. Here is the link to the wiki page:
Firth of Forth Railway Bridge.
On the way back I started to get tired quickly. Whats more, we had head wind so when we were going uphill against the wind, I couldn't manage, had to push the bike for some time... ufff.
Every time I abuse my right knee, it starts to hurt. So the way back home was not so pleasant. However, I managed to get back. I even got praise from Mr. B and Miss A. who are both advanced bikers. They said i was doing pretty well and if I do it more often I will definitelly manage the worst.
It was very fun, even with the tiredness and slightly sore muscles. I could not help thinking however, how fun it would be to go with S-chan on such a trip, we could do so many fun things here. With some advice from these friends we could have great fun : S-chan + Pa-panda + bikes = Very happy time together.

I really miss you my S-baby.

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kojisato さんのコメント...

They are beautiful pictures! I can
blieve it, you take a enjoy your
roommate. I've never seen them, but
I think they are "nett".
If I come with your bike trip...
I have to say so many time
"Sch..sse". I'm not so sporty now.
At first I need a small trip maybe
about 3 km:p

Pa-Panda さんのコメント...

wenn wir eine einfache strecke nehmen dann koennen wir mehr als 3 km fahren :) ich glaube fuer erste reise koennen wir ungefehr 10 nehmen. Berg hoh kann man auch zum Fuss langsam laufen. Kuss kuss kuss