A Friday flight to Edinburgh

hi everyone (and you too, S-chan)

Today is already Sunday and I finally am in Scotland by my friend B-man.
I flew in on Friday so let me shortly describe what happened then.

At the beginning of the day the I was really apprehensive and nervous - I didn't feel like getting up. Good that I packed everything on the previous day. I managed to weigh it as well on some old scales of my Grandmother.
After I got up my uncle called to frighten me that the fog is so strong everywhere that many planes weren't flying. Well... I couldn't really do anything about it. I could only wait. The uncle also promised to bring me to the airport in his car so we went there together, it was really misty, fog was very white and thick. My grandma wanted to say goodbye to me as well as to see the airport so she also went with us.

When we arrived, I saw that many planes flying to Poland and London were indeed cancelled. However, I didn't worry too much, and I was right about it - no problem at all.
I only checked if my bags were not too heavy (unfortunately I could only bring 15 kg. hold baggage and 10 kg cabin baggage.)

We flew on time and arrived on time as well, there was really nothing special going on during the flight - pleasant enough.

When we finally turned from over the sea and over the ground, the views became quite spectacular - to me at least. There is right now lots of sun showing over Scotland, since there are enough small mountains in the south there is snow too.
I really enjoyed flying over the hills covered in snow, looked very picturesque. However, the Edinburgh itself had no snow. Since it was sunny and fairly warm, I can't really complain.
I was picked up by Mr. B.'s girlfriend and transported home on the bus.
The home is located in an older part of the city, not yet renovated (if it will be renovated at all.)
I have a place to sleep, some place in the fridge, I can cook and have showers. I cannot really complain! Besides it is pleasant enough, except for the cigarette smoke which is everywhere - I can't breathe very freely sometimes. Well, I will survive for sure.
The guys are also very helpful and nice.
On the first day we had a few beers (too many for me) and stayed at home. I think I will need some more time to get used to living here.

On the second day, after breakfast I went with Mr. B and Miss A. for a short bike tour. It was very good even with my neglected condition. The weather was great! As we spoke later on, we found out that we made about 20 km. by bike! unglaublich :)
We didn't see much but managed to go through some of the most important places in Edinburgh. We drove past the Scottish Parliament, very near to it there begins a path up a big hill called the Arhur's Seat. We also cycled through the Princess Street to Edinburgh Castle, then slowly back home.
When I have some nice photos, I will write some more about it.

Generally, I like the city. It is a mixture of old and new, both ugly and nice. It reminds me in some ways about Poznan eventhough it is much smaller (population-wise).

Sorry that I wrote so much :)

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masa さんのコメント...

Hey Panda!

Schön,dass du schließlich gut nach Edinburgh angekommen bist.
Möchte ich auch die Photos ansehen,was du schön gemacht hast!

Also wünsche ich Dir,gute Zeit dort und bleib Gesund.

Wir sehen uns mal wieder.