Mause Queen!

Hi guys, how is everyone :)

I am going on with my life. As you can see here I missed some of the presents from S-chan when I was writing last time. As to the photos from the last time, the mice are NOT GREEN :)

Go and complain to Nokia about the terrible quality of the camera in the phone I have...
Well as you can see now, the mice have a queen! A racoon queen even (squeek squeek)

There are also the ties i got, aren't they cool ! I really like the colour and pattern. Next time when I go to a job interview, I will definitelly wear one :) I am sure that the job will be certain then! 100%

Besides, look how nice it is here, the view from my window is onto the garden. The garden of my landlord is not too big - definitelly not in comparison to the garden I have at home in Baby. He likes it though and has some nice plans for it. It is the one in the middle where the white laundry hanger is. You can also see my landlord there digging the ground.

Besides, I had some nice food today, it was generally no-name food; made with onion, carrot, bit yellow pepper, garlic (just a bit) and meat - just 4 small chicken drumsticks. Of course with baked beans and mushed peas - they go really well together, even if they look not too good.

I need to fill some documents today - for the stupid home office :\ blee, I will have to pay some money just to be registered with it and I need to be registered only because I am from Poland. Well, it is just once anyway and besides I have to with it or I would be working illegaly. WRRRRR.
Good that there is not too much of it. I am going to do it now so bye bye