Final Fantasy X

Part X

This game is the first of the Playstation 2 games and sold in many millions just in the few first days of distribution. Some of you might remember it still.

I have wanted to play it since some time ago but never could - no Playstation 2.
Now I finally got it and can use it.

I do not know but I am not enjoying myself so much as with the previous games. The story is obviously very good and I love it. However, it takes time to play this game. I get bored by the many random figths ( you walk around and then suddeny you have to fight with some monsters) because this takes much of the time and is a bit difficult. The internal system of the game is also a bit more difficult.

Even if some parts of the game are boring, the story is magnificent again. It is very sad for most of the game, with some tragic development. The overall mood is sad, but even so very very interesting. For instance, somebody is supposed to sacrifice himself for the good of all people and the friends of this person try to convince her/him not to do it. Very sad. One of the saddest Final Fantasy games ever. I made the mistake of reading how it would end. That is one of the reasons I do not feel like playing anymore (I will though, but not too much) - I have other things to do too.

The story is in itself wonderful but the graphics of the games are absolutely stunning! every piece is so perfect. The setting is vaguely Asian, as are some parts of the mythology, which is, as always in the games, impressive in its depth.

There SHOULD be a series of films made on the basis of the whole series - 6,7,8,9,10,12 they are all great and people who do not play the games should be also able to see them.

Of course, I am not claiming that this is very high culture or that it a canon of culture. Even so, the impression the full package leavies on you - the story, characters, drama and lets not forget music, is very good. Definitely better than most Hollywood and other films!

One more thing, the MUSIC...
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