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I must be sick or something (in the head) since I cannot stop listening to a short composition from a computer game Final Fantasy X. The piece is called Hymn of the Fayth and the melody is haunting me, not unpleasantly though.

It was composed by Nobuo Uematsu, who until recently was working for Square (and later Square Enix) - game maker.

Final Fantasy X wikipedia

The music for these games is mostly good background, however in each of the games there is a melody and a song which is very beautiful. The author is really devoted to making them stick in your mind.

In part VII, there were a few melodies making your either sad or energetic. In part VIII, lots of good music, especially the song Eyes on Me - here is the ending with the song - excellent!!!

Do not remember the 9, it was good but not very memorable.

In 10 - the music is more in the background but THIS MELODY is unforgetable - it is in Japanese but the reason I like it is because of the a cappella melody, wonderful.
There are a few versions of it in the game, every one with a slightly different feel to it, the longest one is here (highly recommended) Hymn of the Fayth - Farplane Sending together with a small video from the game.

Last but NOT least - this is a Fan version, some girl singing this - really really good voice, so beautiful: Fan arranged version

Sorry for too much otaku-mania.

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As I get older, I sort of only like simple games like worms, bomberman, mario, etc. (girly games:D)

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hmmm, ich spiele uberhaupt nicht oft, kein geduld. Aber Final Fantasy mag ich doch sehr!!! Ich kann es empfehlen.