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hi today.

Again bad luck today. I mean at work was ok, no problem (bit hard and tireing but it is almost always like that.) But when I got home I was so sleepy after eating a bit that I just had to lie down for a few minutes - it was about 5.20 Unfortunately I wanted to have a half an hour nap and only woke up something like 15 minutes ago. Which means that kojisato was waiting for me for a long time and was very worried about me. Such bad luck again, I spoiled her day. I did not mean to do that though and could not help falling asleep for so long.

I found out something interesting today. Sensa - a new dieting method! It is a new powder - taste and smell enhancer. If you put it on your food, it is supposed to have more taste and because of this you can only eat half of the food you would have normally eaten!!!!

and some more information from a newspaper.

Sounds almost too good to be true!

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poane さんのコメント...

Hello, Pan Pa-panda! It's really hot here in Poland; there are insane heat waves and storms. It's super tiring. I can relate to the nap thing, I always promise myself I'll take a power nap for a few minutes, and end up snoring away for an hour.
About the SENSA, what a strange product. I think Americans have an obesity problem because of all the chemicals in their food. Wonder if there will be side effects of SENSA, where you can't taste much without it... Anyway, hope to see you guys soon! (BTW, Final Fantasy is awesome!)

Pa-Panda さんのコメント...

@ poane

Poor Poane. Here it is only a bit warm. Actually this week and last weekend were very hot in the whole of UK.... except here. Don't get it

Pa-Panda さんのコメント...

Hey, forgot to tell you. This Sensa sounds quite strange, this doctor somebody does not have any scientific record or anything. Strange.

At the moment I have Final fantasy XII as well but no time to play.