So many things to do....

Before I go on, I wanted to turn your attention to our tree. Suddenly, some strange fire started appearing there, what can it be? Looks very mysterious! I really have no idea why it is there.

I had a difficult day today, so much work. Well, you all know I am not too happy with the job but I will continue doing it untill I can get something for more money. After work I usually am so tired but I cannot just go to sleep. I have many duties to do and things to organise.

First of all, I am looking for a new place for me and S to live. I am very lucky since I already have a few friends here, who can give me some advice. I have a delal with my friend Monika that we will be looking for a flat for me, Satoko and Monika together. I hope we will be able to find something easily. Such a deal would be great since I don't think Monika will be a problematic flatmate. So we are looking for something well insulated with double windows, not too old. Old architecture here is unfortunately quite cold - like the place I am living in now. Later on, when we both are finally comfortable and both are working, we will rent a small place just for the 2 of us. If we like living with somebody else, why not too :)

Another thing I need to look for is a transport firma to get kojisato's things from Rostock to Edinburgh. So far I found about many small and bigger companies but I need to arrange a date so that we can stop worrying about it.

Then there is the thing with S-chan's visa. Good that she does not need one just to get here, but then we will need to find out how it is with her working here as a normal citizen. I do hope that once we are married it will get easier.

I do need to find a decent and not too expensive language course for her too. Not to forget the nursery school course - she really wants to pursue her career in nursery school teaching.

Finally, I need to loose some weight and get some more muscles :) Welllll, this is not going too well I must say.

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ErBr さんのコメント...

That I wondered, too...
They're doing this "candle night" thing during the summer solstice, I heard. My tree's not getting bigger tho :-O

すけかく(SUKEKAKU) さんのコメント...

My name's SUKEKAKU.
Nice to meet you.
I always enjoy your and Kojisato-san's diary.

「I need to loose some weight and get some more muscles」

In my case, I succeeded in it by using DVD "Corism".("Core rhythm"?)
I didn't have it and it was not cheap, so I borrowed it from my friend and copied it down into my PC.
This DVD is very good!!

Tamaki さんのコメント...

Hello!Probably Satoko-san told you about me...My name is Tamaki.I'm Japanese living in Edinburgh with Polish husband:-)

After you've got married,she can get a visa with no limit to work.
If I've got something that I can help you, plese feel free to ask me whatever!

That was nice to "meet" you both:-)

Pa-Panda さんのコメント...


Hmmm, This is actually a good idea, you are probably right

Pa-Panda さんのコメント...

Nice meeting you! Thank you really very much for your comment, I alway enjoy getting comments but I realize that I am often to boring to coment on :D (or too much geek / otaku)

Pa-Panda さんのコメント...

@ Tamaki!!!

thank you sooooo much for your comment! Hajime mashite, nice meeting you. I am glad that we have you, you will be our oracle :!