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Hi guys,

I recently borrowed a playstation 2 game, Final Fantasy X. I wanted to play it on my PC using an emulator. It works very well but is unfortunately very slow - half as slow as on the original Playstation. I previously was perfectly able to use a Plastation 1 emulator to play the games on the PC, the quality and ease of playing was much better that on the original - highly recommend the emulator : ePSX (website is here) and if anybody of you wants to use it I can help to set it up. It is very easy to use and to be perfectly happy you just need to buy a usb gamepad and configure the program - you can play all games for FREE - if you download them from the internet or you can also use your own original games.

The thing with playstation 2 is more difficult, the emulator, after years of development works well but needs a very modern PC, at least 2.5 GHz processor and a very good graphics card. My PC is good enough but too slow for fast emulation.

Anyway, I was lucky! I got the Playstation 2 (real thing) from my landlord - ofcourse not forever but he is not using it now so no problem.

I am playing the Final Fantasy X right now. Actually, I will write a post about the Final Fantasy games separately.

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