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As I was saying in the previous Post, I am playing the Final Fantasy X game at the moment. It got a bit boring after a while so I am giving it a break just now.

I am a very big fan of the series, as many people are, boys and girls likewise.

I started on the Super Nintendo (the PC emulator) and played part 4 5 and 6. From these, the 6 is definitely the best - most graphically advanced and with very good story line.

Then I played Final Fantasy VII. I even bought the original PC version!!!! incredible but I really wanted to have it, I ordered it especially for me in a shop even :) I was sooooo happy when I finally got it, but since I did not have enough space on my harddrive, I had to borrow my friends harddrive :P

Later on I played it again but using a PC emulator - this made it more pleasant and quicker - I could finally save whenever I wanted and the graphics looked much nicer too.

later on I played part XIII (8) and IX (9) on the emulator, both vere good.

The whole series is well known, so many millions of people played it. I really love the story, with drama, tragedy, small side stories and great detail. All the characters are very well developed and deep, with changing personalities.

Of the Playstation 1 parts, the 7 and 8 vere the best, easily comparable. As described by some game magazine, the part 7 was the first game which was not copying a film technique but was more powerfull than a movie. It was very touching, with so much hatred and emotion, romance too.

It did however take a long time to finish it. All these games can be finished either relatively quickly or twice as long - if you really want to develop everything in the game. The worlds are so rich that it is difficult to do all the small pieces. For instance the part 7 made it possible for you to raise great racing ostriches you could race and win prices.

parts 8 and 9 were very good too, with the 9 being more fairy-like, with manga characters and medieval setting. It also had Very good animations.

Now, for part X, (10)

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