A COLD day in January. A fairy-tale

it is already the 8th of January.
It has been since 19th of December that I have been with S-chan day and night (almost.) So far I like it and can't say anything against it :D

We spent Christmas, New Year's day and so on together. I am happy that we will spend much more time together this year. Even if she is angry or not perfectly satisfied with me, it is much better to be beside this girl than to speak with her on the phone. Phone is good for communication but sometimes it is not enough.

For instance today we got up (fairly) early and went out together to her university and also to the office to see if a letter was delivered concerning her MA thesis. Then the brave Pa-panda cycled back home to get the necessary papers to re-apply (because we didn't know we would need them, we hadn't taken then with us). The tiredless Pa-panda-man cycled and cycled on the icy road, the freezing wind cut into his face making his eyes freeze (or at least tear-up.) He drove through blizzard after blizzard fighting blood-hungry white bears (distant family) and hungry wolves. Despite difficulties he finally got home. Then the beast ate all the rice crackers and after playing with the computer for 5 minutes went back. By the way, the bicycle had an almost flat tire (not enough air) so it makes the story even more heroic for the humble but brave and courageous Pa-panda. The point it: he made it.
You can do いいこ いいこ ♪ to me.
And they lived happily ever after.
End of story, for further information please go to the S-chan blog post.

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Masa さんのコメント...

Hallo,Satoko,Panda.Danke für alles gestern.
Bin gut nach Hause angeommen.Aber es war sehr sehr kalt..Brauchte ich Bärpelzmantel..

Wir sehen uns vielleicht später.und Gute fahrt morgen.Alles Gute!

Pa-Panda さんのコメント...

Danke auch dass du gestern zu uns gekommen bist. War schoen, hoffentlich hat dir Ramen und Polnische Schinken geschmeckt :)
Bis gleich - wir fahren gleich zu dir um dass Fahrad abzuholen :D machs gut.