Goodbye and 崖の上のポニョ,

Tomorrow is the last day of my stay at s-chan's place. I truly hope that I will be able to come here once more. I will be looking for a job soon and wish that I will find something good.
For the last day we had some nice food - again :D Ramen, selfmade bread, really nice and TASTY.
Yesterday we started with our goodbye food - with ramen to be exact. We also had a visitor - Masa-kuma-chan! Thank you for coming to see us kuma-chan!
We managed to see the newest movie by Ghibli as well - the Ponyo film. We all liked it a lot, very cute thing. The story was really simple but the art and general mood was really pleasant. There were also 2 ponyos here! One in the movie and the second one was played by masa-kuma-chan. Because of jetlag he was very tired and by chance he synchronised with the movie Ponyo. Same as Ponyo he ate ham, ramen and similarily as Ponyo fell asleep (he even got a similar blanket form us :)
I am going away soon but I will try to still write something for this blog from time to time. I am taking an old laptop so I will be surely able to go online as well :)
See you round!

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Pa-Panda さんのコメント...

boku pande boku pande! wieder kein kommentar zu meine post:/ bu bu bu
no comment to my post again - bu bu bu!


masa さんのコメント...

bu bu bu???Bist du ein Schweinchen??Panda.

Bist du gut nach Polen angekommen??
lg.aus Rostock