Blades of Glory

Blades of Glory

This days work is going pretty well smoothly, still one more person is arriving today.
I will have to work a bit long today, I think until about 1130.
Tomorrow is free though!
I think I am going to a town nearby, Royal Tunbridge Wells. Or here Royal TW.
Will see what it will be like.

Yesterday, we had a slow day at work. The students were on a trip to London so they were tired a bit. The program had Movie Night in it and we watched the movie Blades of Glory. It was a very funny film, although very stupid as well. Basically it was a spoof, or a parody of other skating movies. It is really quite difficult to describe the movie - it was not funny as in intelligently funny, it was pure situational humor. It was a bit gay as well. I can recommend it as light entertainment for an evening.

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kojisato さんのコメント...

Pa-Panda > I know now, that you are realy in the southern part of England! "Dunorlan Park" sounds nice for me. Please write a postcard for me;-)