Free day - Tuesday

On Tuesday I had a day off (today is Thursday) so I had been wondering what I could do.

Initially I wanted to go to London but after I have had my breakfast and did a bit computers and internet it was already a bit late. Anyway, I didn't really feel like going on a big trip.

So I slept a bit, read a book (still my Neal Stephenson - second part of the Baroque Cycle) and at 4 I went (finally!!!) to Royal Tunbridge Wells.
The weather was perfect, not too hot or too cold, there were not too many people as well. I wanted to go too the bank but I didn't make it in time :(, nevertheless I had a good time.
It is just that I spent a bit too much moneY ;)

I bought a nice t-shirt (blue one, nice to the touch) and had a very pleasant time.
I wanted to buy some beer and found a decent choice in Tesco. Bought 3 bottles of traditional Ale and a bottle of wine for later on as well as some cheese and orange juice.

Then I went to a restaurant to eat something. Got some Gnocci with spinach and gorgonzola cheese, soooo good :P. I wanted to fill myself with good stuff so I also got olive oil bread with olive oil. Also very very good and tasty.
I have some photos just not here by me, must have left them on a different card so i will have to send them later, maybe today if i make it.
After eating I got a coffee ( by the way, the name of the reastaurant was Carluccios) which was also decent (actually very good as well).
Finally I just wanted to slowly return so I went to the bus stop. Just by the busstop however I found a typically British pub/restaurant, a chain called weatherspoon. It is a popular pub chain with good food and good prices. I just got a beer and just before leaving, for memories' sake a Zubrowka drink. I really liked the building, it is a converted opera house from 19th century, I should have some photos so I will send them later.
I must say, this was a very good day and the only thing it lacked was that i didn't have my tako-chan with me... provided she was with me it would have been a truly perfect day.

Here are the fotos:

Free day in Tunbridge Wells

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kojisato さんのコメント...

Pa-panda> (Sorry I drink now a glass of wein. Also I can´t write English)
Ich freue mich, dass du gute Zeit gehabt hast. na ja sind wir gerade nicht zusammen.
Ich meine, können wir zusammen so viele schöne Sache nicht erfahren.
Es finde ich schade. Aber können wir eigene Zeit auch genießen und uns verteilen, damit wir doppel Spass haben können.
Ich überlege doch noch, ob ich vor deinem Besuch zu mir mal nach Poznan fahre.